Visit our NEW 20% Off Corner!

New Savings Alert!

Starting January 6, there’s a new spot for even hotter prices at Wine Cellar of Wisconsin. Our 20% Off Corner is … well, it’s not really a “corner” … a fixture of 35+ wines discounted 20% off their regular prices. Old World, New World, red, white, trophies, and everyday wines are included. The variety changes, so stop in frequently to see what’s on sale!

***Club-Only Special ALERT***

Every January, once the holiday rush is over, wholesale wine prices go through the roof. Unfortunately, in accordance with state minimum markup laws, that means we are forced to raise our prices in the Club-Only Specials section. We continue to offer the best prices ANYWHERE in Wisconsin, of course, but unfortunately, almost all of those prices are higher than those charged during the holidays.

Here’s the Insider scoop: We’ll be making our annual price changes next Tuesday morning (Jan 9), which means that this weekend is your LAST CHANCE to secure your favorites at 2017 prices. We hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity.

Wine Tastings!

Everyone loves wine tastings! Wine Cellar offers many opportunities to try wine before you take them home to share. Our Grand Tastings feature a ticket system where you only pay for what you want to taste. Friday night tastings are back and affordably priced at just $20/person, or $10 for Insiders Club members (and their guests)! Watch the Events tab for our schedule.

Attention Trophy Hunters!

EVERY 90+ point wine in the store is proudly marked with a yellow tag. This makes for easy one-stop shopping for all of the most critically-acclaimed wines in the WORLD.

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